My Story

Hi, I’m Ken,

Horse racing expert, traveller, finance professional and the founder of Race Profits.

IMG_4741What’s this site all about?  And how can it help you make more money from horse racing?

The Deal…

The Race Profits Blueprint is a pull-no-punches coaching blog for people serious about earning a serious return from their betting activities.

We roll our eyes at slow, uninformed punters gambling their money on hopeless no-hopers!

Expect entertaining, unconventional lessons about making money betting on horses.

No money-chasing allowed here.

Instead, I’ll show you how to create a real return from the bookmaker.  One that replaces luck with logic.

One that’s profitable in weeks, not months or years.

And one that you can implement for just 15 minutes a day!

These concepts have made me £12k to £15k per year, tax free from my early twenty years.

A bit about me…

So you probably already know my back story.

I am a numbers guy.  Loved horse racing. Made it pay.

I’m in business for me. Making money from horse racing, totally on the side.

Money comes in from the bookies.

It’ll come in, month in and month out, for the rest of our lives.

Unless, of course you go too fast and get shut down with a bookmaker.

[Hint: you need to view your betting activities as a business like me].

Don’t worry; I’ll show you how.

With so much competition among the bookmakers; making money from horse racing is a goldmine right now.

Of course, if you know how.

Or have an outstanding mentor who talks the talk.

Just saying!

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All for now,

Ken Rhodes

Founder of Race Profits