5 Week Betting Mastery Program

Module 1


My Promise to You

How to Fast-track Your Success? Answer: Model Top Performers

Volatility and Liquidity provide Opportunity

My Credentials to Coach You

My Top Tip To Being a Pro


Module 2

How Much can You Expect to Earn?

Why Earning in Excess of £15k per Year is Tough

Will you see Results Immediately?

How many Bookmaker Accounts You Need to Open

How to Stay ‘under the Radar’ from Bookmakers

How long does the Race Profit Blueprint take each day?


Module 3

Getting Started – Critical Resources for Your Success

Resource 1 – Odds Comparison Site (my personal recommendation)

Resource 2 – Bookmaker Accounts (my top recommendations)

How to Take Advantage of FREE Bets

Resource 3 – Betfair (the real market & decision making tool)

What Happens if you don’t Open up enough Accounts?

Module 4

Rock Solid Risk Management

How much to put in your Betting Bank?

When do you Start Increasing Your Betting Stakes? 

Module 5

Money Talks – When & How to Bet on Races

Your Edge – Insider Information

Who are the Insiders AND what is Insider Information

Bet Early Morning – or Pre Live Market

Why you should Never Bet in the Live Market

Week 2 Training

Module 6

Race Profits Blueprint – The Core 3 Betting Rules

Secret Sauce to Staking – High Confidence or Moderate

What are the 3 Key Success Factors?

The Core Rules define WHEN there is a bet.

The Key Success Factors dictate the SIZE of the bet.


Module 7

Rule 1 – Premium Content

Why is price confirmation important?

The Very Best Betting Setups

Key Lesson: Only ‘take’ the best odds available

Four examples of Price Confirmation

Race Notes – Which horses in the examples qualify for consideration in Rule 2? And Why?


Module 8

Rule 2 – Premium Content

The ONE Rule to guarantee your long term Success

How Betfair makes its money

Why you need to Jump on Opportunities (the best setups don’t last long!)

Understanding the ‘book’

Rule 2 gives instances of “serious potential for a bet”

3 Examples of great setups which follow Rules 1 & 2

Race Notes

Module 9

Rule 3 – Premium Content

Price behaviour which is an accurate predictor of future price movements

Where to find “Price Volume Action”

How to Read Betfair Price Volume Charts

Examples of Price Volume Action

Price volume pointers

Test: Which Charts are showing positive and which are showing negative price volume action?

Module 10

Golden odds range for Maxium Profits

95% of Your Bets Should be in the Golden Odds Range

Why to focus on the top [Premium content] in the betting

Avoid large fields (defined as more than 14 runners)

Back a horse to BECOME the favourite

Why we avoid horses priced less than [Premium Content]

The Golden odds range can be broken – BUT keep to it 95% of the time

Module 11

Spotting ‘sore thumb’ bets

Bookmakers price is “clearly out of line”

Scarcity of available odds – very POSITIVE sign.

Four examples of SORE thumb bets

Sore thumb – high confidence – Max 1pt bets

Week 3 Training

Module 12

The Kelly strategy (ultimate leverage)

Introducing Probability Theory

Why You must Stake in Proportion to the Opportunity

Definition of a “Strong” and a “Moderate” bet

Factors which indicate a Strong bet

Factors which indicate bet is only a Moderate bet


Module 13

How to spot Price Reversals

How the Race Profits 3 Rules protect You against Price Reversals

How to Gauge the Likelihood of a Price Reversal

The 3 Signals that may spot when the Trend is Over-extended

How the Recommended Betting time [Premium Content] helps keen you away from Over-extended Trends

Be Selective – the Key to 20% Returns

Examples of the 3 Reversal Signals

Doubts of a Reversal?  Its a no bet!


Module 14

Best backed Horse in the Race

Look out for Best Backed horse but only the 2nd, 3rd of 4th Favourite

Horses that may challenge the Favourite to Become the Favourite

3 Examples of Best Backed Horses

Race Notes


Module 15

UK and top International Racing – avoid Irish

Why we Focus on UK Racing

Why Irish Racing is not not avoided in the Race Profits Blueprint

List of Top International Meetings


Module 16

Managing the Psychological side of Betting

The Yardstick to Measure Your Betting Progress

Your Number 1 Priority as a Betting Professional

Why you need to treat this as a Business

Focus on Finding Value

Setbacks are Inevitable

This is a Marathon not a Sprint

Measure your P&L on a weekly and monthly basis – not a daily basis.

Record Your Betting Performance daily